ATL in English

ATL in English

Introduction to the work of the Association

The Association of Finnish Architects' Offices (ATL)

The Association of Finnish Architects' Offices (ATL) is an independent organisation monitoring and promoting the interest of the architectural industry. Its mission is to develop architectural services and thus improve the quality of construction and the environment. The professional membership requirements of the association are strict.
An ATL member office is professional. To be accepted as a member, the management of the office must have the highest professional architectural training and solid experience of working in the industry. The management is required to belong to the Finnish Association of Architects, and they must be working full-time in planning, design or related consultation.
An ATL member office is experienced. Prior to applying for membership, the office is expected to have provided independent designing and consultation services for a minimum of three years. To further guarantee professional competence, the chief designers of the company must have a minimum of seven years' experience in the field.
An ATL member office is committed. The office leaders are required to own a majority of the company and act as the responsible management.

Construction has become an increasingly complicated industry, having to meet increasingly demanding challenges. Because of the long supply chains, it takes intense effort to secure the quality of the end result. This is why competent leadership is vital for construction and building design. The member companies of the Association of Finnish Architect's Offices have demonstrated through their training, experience and professional ethics that they have the necessary competence and resources to meet these new challenges.
Construction and building design deserve skilled and professional management.

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